Our Veterinary cages

We are the French specialist in veterinary cages for professionals of animal medicine : clinic, laboratory, school, hospital, and mainly for veterinary practices. We propose you isolation cages for dogs and cats waiting for care or hospitalization. And we also offer stainless steel restraint cages. Our cages are made of stainless steel or polyester, guaranteeing impermeability, robustness, antisepsis and durability. You can also choose the type of door and its opening direction. We manufacture barred doors in stainless steel or glass (standard or oxygen).

We offer different formats of veterinary cages for small and large animals. It is possible to divide them into different compartments via removable dividers. Our cages can be easily modulated, by nesting, with other cages. This allows you to make sets of cages of different sizes. Our layouts can then be integrated on wheeled frames to facilitate movement.

Door type