Stainless steel veterinary cage

Stainless steel cages, available in different sizes and custom made.

The cages are available with barred doors or glass doors.

Modular, they can be assembled with other cages by interlocking (without screws) and allow for different layout models.

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Stainless steel veterinary cage available in different sizes and custom made. The cages are modular by nesting (without screws).

Characteristics of the cages :

  • Stainless steel doors with 5 and 7 mm diameter rods, each 25 mm apart, or glass doors (standard or oxygen glass).
  • Possibility to integrate a glass door
  • Removable collection drawer: Height 40 mm and depth 250 mm
  • Cage bottom inclined forward to facilitate draining and cleaning
  • Reversible door opening: right or left
  • Automatic opening and closing of the door
  • Integrated grating
  • Rounded corners
  • The C-format cage is available with a double door with or without a removable partition.

Additional information

Dimensions46.8 × 51 × 50.8 cm
Available cage formats

Cage Format A, Cage Format B, Cage Format C, Cage Format D, Cage Format E

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