Cat Friendly Short Stay Hospital Cage

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POLYVET short-stay hospitalisation cage (less than 24 hours) from our Cat Friendly range, a range specially designed for the well-being, comfort and safety of animals. The dimensions of the cage, as well as its layout, are designed to optimise the comfort of the cats and reduce their stress.

Interior / exterior / mounting dimensions :

  • Depth : 64.3 cm / 64.3 cm / 68 cm
  • Width: 67 cm / 72.7 cm / 73.2 cm
  • Height: 61 cm / 66.5 cm / 67 cm

Our POLYVET cages can be assembled and mounted on wheeled chassis. For a perfect finish of your veterinary equipment, you can then choose the cage plating: white or wood colour.

Macaron French Manufacturer
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POLYVET hospitalisation cage adapted to short stays (less than 24 hours), and designed for the well-being of cats. Characteristics of the cage :

Characteristics of the cage :

  • The cage is made of polyester, an ideal material for animal comfort and cleaning.
  • The surface and height of the cage are optimised for the cats’ well-being.
  • The cage has a perch, allowing cats to sit up high and thus have control over their environment.
  • The door is made of a glass wall allowing an easy view of the inside of the cage.
  • The door latches are easy to operate and secure.

Our veterinary cage POLYVET meets the GOLD status of the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine).

Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 73 × 67 cm
Door type