How do you maintain your Vetinox equipment?

maintaining veterinary equipment

find out how to clean your stainless steel veterinary equipment

Whether it is our tables, cages or veterinary equipment, all our products are made of stainless steel. Robust, timeless, waterproof and antiseptic, stainless steel is a material that is widely used in the medical sector. But it is also a material that can be maintained for optimal and long-lasting use.

After a certain time of use, brown stains may appear in some places. Don’t worry, this is not rust, but simply surface oxidation. So it is not stainless steel that rust, but particles that are deposited on it. Because stainless steel is composed of iron, nickel and chromium, it benefits from antioxidant properties.

How do you clean these stains and restore a shine to your stainless steel veterinary equipment?

There are simple solutions for cleaning your veterinary equipment. First of all, do not use aggressive products, but prefer soft products. To remove these stains from your veterinary tables or cages, take a simple cloth soaked in your Vetinox cleaner and rub your equipment so as to degrease the parts where you have stains.

Then take a scotch brite type sponge, especially not made of steel wool, and rub the degreased parts. Once you have rubbed well, simply rinse the surface with a cloth soaked in Vetinox cleaner. The stains will then disappear and your veterinary equipment will regain its shine.