Our Cat Friendly veterinary cages

Our range of veterinary cages is growing with the arrival of the Cat Friendly range! A range designed for the well-being, safety and comfort of cats. This new range includes hospital cages that meet ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine) standards.

Cat Friendly cages are sized to meet the different lengths of hospitalisation and therefore the physical needs of cats. In terms of furnishings, it is important that the cages are equipped to provide the cat with maximum comfort and control over its environment. Allowing the cat to be able to hide whenever he wishes, thanks to an element present in his cage, is a very important protection factor for felines. This improves the animal’s well-being and reduces stress. Integrating an installation at a height, and thus allowing the cat to sit up high, also improves the cat’s well-being. Our hospital cages are equipped with a perch. Another essential standard for the cat’s well-being, our cages designed for a stay of more than 24 hours, has a removable partition to differentiate between the sleeping area and the litter box.