Short-stay hospitalization cage

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POLYVET hospitalization cage adapted to short stays (less than 24 hours), and designed for the well-being of cats.

Dimensions :

  • Depth : 65 cm
  • Width: 73 cm
  • Height: 67 cm

The dimensions, surface area and layout of the veterinary cage have been designed to optimize the comfort of the animals.

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POLYVET short-stay hospitalisation cage (less than 24 hours) from our Cat Friendly range, a range specially designed for the well-being, comfort and safety of animals. The dimensions of the cage, as well as its layout, are designed to optimise the comfort of the cats and reduce their stress.

Characteristics of the cage :

  • The cage is made of polyester, an ideal material for animal comfort and cleaning.
  • The surface and height of the cage are optimised for the cats’ well-being.
  • The cage has a perch, allowing cats to sit up high and thus have control over their environment.
  • The door is made of a glass wall allowing an easy view of the inside of the cage.
  • The door latches are easy to operate and secure.

Our veterinary cage POLYVET meets the GOLD status of the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine).

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Dimensions65 × 73 × 67 cm