Vetinox develops “Cat Friendly” hospital cages

Cat friendly hospitalization cage

hospital cages that respect the comfort and well-being of cats

Vetinox is developing a new range of hospital cages from the “Cat Friendly” range, a range designed for the well-being of cats in veterinary clinics.

Cats, Anxious ANIMALS

The cat is an animal that, when faced with disorders, may be very stressed. A change of environment, noise pollution, particular smells, or the absence of certain elements or people can generate stress in the feline. Depending on his personality, the cat’s stress can manifest itself in different ways. Frequently, anxiety manifests itself through urine marking, uncleanliness, meowing, loss or increase of appetite or excessive licking. However, if the feline is shy by nature, he may not show any of these signs and may instead tend to remain motionless for long periods of time.

Veterinary Hospitalization: A Source of Stress for Cats

Hospitalization in a clinic is an anxiety-provoking environment for the cat, it then finds itself in an environment that it does not know and in which it has no bearings. He is often surrounded by other cats, and sometimes by dogs, whose presence, smells and stress he will feel. In addition to this, there is the primary comfort of veterinary cages. Made of stainless steel or polyester, they are often small, allowing the cat neither to move nor to hide.

The cat friendly program, what is it?

Cat Friendly is a global program that was initiated by the International Society of Feline Medicine to develop standards of care and well-being for cats in veterinary clinics. The aim is to provide simple and practical solutions to professionals in the animal medicine sector, faced with the problems encountered with their feline patients. The program currently has over 2,000 clinics worldwide, many of which are in the process of being accredited. To be recognized, the establishments must meet a list of 10 prerequisites that address the specific needs of cats. These include, for example, the following criteria:

  • Premises and waiting rooms adapted to the cat’s well-being.
  • Separate hospitalization areas for dogs and cats.
  • Safe, secure and well-equipped consultation rooms.
  • Staff trained in feline welfare and stress management.

These criteria are then listed in three main categories according to the level set up in the establishments: bronze, silver and gold.

veterinary cages designed for a more serene hospitalization

Cat Friendly hospital cages are specially designed for the well-being, comfort and safety of cats. The cage’s dimensions, materials and layout are designed to optimize cats’ comfort and reduce their stress. Their surfaces and heights are optimised, and they have a perch, allowing cats to sit up high and thus have control over their environment. Some Cat Friendly hospital cages are adapted to long stays thanks to a removable separation creating two spaces: a sleeping area on one side and a litter area on the other. Our veterinary cages meet the GOLD status of the International Society of Feline Medicine.

Cat friendly hospitalization cage