The press talks about Vetinox


The regional daily newspaper "La Montagne" reports on Vetinox's developments

Created 35 years ago by Thierry Pineau, we are today the first French company specialized in the production of veterinary equipment. In recent months, our company has evolved to maintain and develop our expertise in the veterinary equipment market.

A change of ownership, and a deployment of customised veterinary products

After several years of reflection, Thierry Pineau gave up the reins of the company. “There is know-how at Vetinox, a core business that is the production of veterinary equipment. But our strength is that we know how to make custom-made products,” say the new owners.

While we now have more than 300 references in our catalogue, with veterinary cages, veterinary tables and equipment products being our flagship products, we now want to register for a production on demand. This turning point justifies a certain expertise. Indeed, many orders are placed for tailor-made products.

This evolution will be developed gradually, with the primary objective of “sustaining the production of veterinary materials”. To this end, Lionel Aucouturier, Technical Director, has completely revised the layout of the workshop in order to “optimize working methods”.

The launch of a website

It is also in this context of evolution that we have deployed our website. A website designed to present all our veterinary products and our know-how. “It must be said that, when the veterinarian has a moment, he looks on internet to see what is being done before placing an order in one of the four veterinary centres. Nowadays, that’s the way it works,” explains Lionel Aucouturier. Now, all our references can be consulted online.

To consult the press article, visit the Montagne website.